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Enjoy and buy online our collection of original painting. Modern and contemporary art, Russian painting of the early 20th century, as well as painting by famous world artists. Here you will find a collection of paintings by the great Nicola Simbari, magnificent artworks of the popular but almost forgotten Kurt Polter. Finally, discover for yourself paintings by contemporary Russian, Georgian and Armenian artists. Make your own choice. All paintings are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

  • $8,000.00

    Nicola Simbari, ULHA STARLIGHT 2, Original Painting

    Nicola Simbari “ULHA STARLIGHT 2” Original Painting Boots up to her knees, legs crossed yet not enough to completely cover things. What is she suggesting, this woman before us? Or perhaps it is us that should be to blame, for we are gazing down at eye-level to her nether-regions. Yet it’s far to captivating to […]

    Nicola Simbari, ULHA STARLIGHT 2, Original Painting
  • $8,000.00

    Nicola Simbari, PRIMAVERA MATTINA, Original Painting

    The sun gently casts its first light on the dawn of a new spring morning.

    Nicola Simbari, PRIMAVERA MATTINA, Original Painting
  • $14,000.00

    Nicola Simbari, SIESTA, Original Painting

    Nicola Simbari, SIESTA, Original Painting To sleep, per chance to dream, the peaceful visage of a dreaming woman is the central focus for this impeccable work by Nicola Simbari. Shrouded in deepening hues, she exudes grace and beauty while we’re left to wonder what her dreams are made of. Are they full of tender moments […]

    Nicola Simbari, SIESTA, Original Painting
  • $8,000.00

    Nicola Simbari, TRUCULA BONBON, original painting

    Nicola Simbari, TRUCULA BONBON, Original Painting It’s amazing how Nicola Simbari can bring out the seductive nature of women without objectifying them. This gorgeous painting makes use of the loving color of red, adding even more sensuality to the curves of his subject. A wry smile and a suggestive pose make us wonder who she’s […]

    Nicola Simbari, TRUCULA BONBON, original painting

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Crystal and Silver

Buy our unique antique crystal and silver items. Ancient masterpieces of European and Russian masters. Kirk And Son, Khlebnikov, Morozov, Joh.HD

Nicola Simbari

Retablos in Silkscreen

A collection of prints on silk paper and canvas by Nicola Simbari. All products are in stock and you can buy them online. This is a unique for the 80s printing technology. Simbari called these marvelous prints “Retablos”. Each of the prints we are offering is significant work of art in its own right and as such represents a substantial investment. Each print has been produced by Symbari himself, using a specially developed silkscreen process.
This gives him complete artistic control of color and texture.Only an approved finished print will bear Simbari’s personal Seal and a Certificate of Authenticity from the Publisher will be provided with each print. The number of prints in each edition is limited and the plates have been destroyed and the screens defaced by artist so that no other prints on the image can be made.

A collection of antique  clocks include mantel clocks, french style clocks and Grand Father  style clocks. Most circa late 19 century. All clocks is in good shape and in working condition.


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Modern art, Antique, Collectibles, Judaica items – this is just a several categories of our collection. Our collection is replenished all the time, so visit our website more often. Visit also our facebook and instagram pages. We also sell our items on ebay.