Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks

Antique collectibles mantel clocks and wall clocks collection

Modern Sculpture

Modern Sculpture

Nicola Simbari Prints

Nicola Simbari Prints

Retablos in silkscreen

Original Paintings

Enjoy and buy original paintings by Nicola Simbari. We have the largest collection of Nicola Simbari paintings  in the world. 28 beautiful framed paintings to choose from.

rare and unique
Pottery and Glass

Crystal and Silver

Unique antique crystal and silver dishes. Ancient masterpieces of
European and Russian masters. Kirk And Son, Khlebnikov, Morozov, Joh.HD

buy a piece of history

Knife Sword and Blade

A large collection of daggers, knives, sabers. Unique Caucasian and Turkish daggers with a scabbard
decorated with precious stones, Russian damask (bulat) blades, daggers of Russian officers.

Nicola Simbari
Prints and Serigraphs

Retablos in Silkscreen

A collection of prints on silk paper by Nicola Simbari. This is a unique for the 80s printing technology. Simbari called these marvelous prints “Retablos”

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