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Nicola Simbari in our Private Collection

Although it is accepted that ART has become a valid Investment vehicle, it should be stated that we cannot KNOW for sure who will be the DaVinci or VanGogh of tomorrow, today.
Nicola Simbari Raresy Gallery
ART has ‘soul’ •.•• an unknown quantity •••• so the only certainty must be the quality of the Art and its author; each of us is the judge of that, and only · the future will confirm, or not, if we are right. The enormous publicity and confusion attached to the Art World through the Auction market and very able Art Dealers has created a ‘free-for-all’ atmosphere and there is an impression that it has little to do with ART or the quality of the works presented but more to the acceptable Trend of the Day and who is the current Patron.Having “invested” over 30 years in my belief that SIMBARI is ·one of the great artists of this century, naturally I feel that the presentation of this unique private collection of his works, has true “investment” value, both from an Artistic sense and from a “business” sense •••• when SIMBARI paints one of his inspired works, words are not necessary.Some make the mistake of thinking that all paintings done in the life of an Artist must be ‘pleasant’, and we must want them to hang over our sofa and blend with our decor! ••• It is this consumistic attitude that has upset the way that SIMBARI’s work is viewed •••. the “commercial” aspect, manipulated and exploited by commercial galleries •••. and in tum, this “commercialism” or “consumism” has drastically changed SIMBARI’s attitude to his Art •••• which is a great pity, a great loss. Nevertheless, he has many superb paintings in his vast production, spanning over nearly four decades, of which a handful are in my Private Collection.

The name one or two of the Masterpiece works in this collection .• ~ •• the disconcerting “COCKFIGHT

or the touching “NAVAJO GIRLS“,

the audio-visual “CAVALIERE“,

the sophiticated “SILK STOCKINGS

or the voluptuous “TIZIANA“,

the timeless “TIA MAIS

All this is just a taste of SIMBARI’s versatility, his energy, his strength, and his wonderful use of colour and light .••• his keen sense of OUR times •••• these works have an eternal quality and yet could only have been painted in this century •••• NOW.

Through the centuries all artists have needed Patrons •••• in the times past they were rich merchants, Princes and Clerics .••. today we pretend that Corporations can take the place of these men of great foresight, but this is only so if the person in the Corporation to choose the Art is equal to his task and does not give this ‘job’ to some one else .••• it is his personal choice, taste and acumen that makes for a great Art Collection .•.• it is not the money itself that will assure a great collection:

The Private Collection which I am making available to a very select number of Art collectors is one that in the future will prove SIMBARI to be the great Artist I believe him to be •••• this collection is proof of this Artist’s superb talent and his mastery of his Art.

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