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Nicola Simbari original paintings collection. Shop original Nicola Simbari paintings from the Raresy art gallery. “Look closer . . . there is more to Simbari s art than the voluptuous and carefree sum of what is evident in his work. The wild symplwny of colours and forms that is immediately apparent should not mask the essentials of his message. It has to do with the deeplyknowing way he has of leading our eye exactly to where it would be, were we in his place as the artist. Then,everything around this point becomes fluid, softened,

and the painters hand disappears as we reach more deeply into the painting. Just as in certain of Rembrandt s self-portraits, where reality exists at the exact distance which separates the work of art from the viewer. Nicola Simbari has become a master of this technique, creating a fascinating sorcery.”

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