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Original Painting

Frascati, set on the face of the Alban Hills, with its rich vineyards bathed in the misty heat of the mid-day sun, seems to look down on the Plains of Rome with nonchalance. A solitary train winds its way past green, scented gardens with their sleepy white villas. It is in one of these villas that Nicola Sirnbari has made his new Studio. His colors sparkle in the cool half-light of the house, where from basement to attic unframed paintings are everywhere. Simbari has created a superb oasis far from the hustle and bustle of the ’80 s.

The composition always comprehensible and well balanced, is strong and unmistakable. A union between Neo-realism and semi-abstract, figures appear and disappear, furtive and fascinating, exploding with light and color, applied by a skillful palette-knife with swift, bold strokes. Since his debut and his first success in the ’50 s, Simbari has mastered this powerful technique, often underlined by the use of darker opaque tones, to intensify the bursts of vibrant color. He attacks his canvas without the need to sketch, and the discipline learned from his studies at the Academia delle Belle Arti, Rome and later the Faculty of Architecture has given him this remarkable command of his Art