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Retablo in Silkscreen

Over the years, when NIcola Simbari creating his earlier Lithographs, Etchings and Silkscreens, he was often unhappy and frustrated because the printing studio (or shop) he was using, did not seem to ‘understand’ the outcome that HE, the Artist, wanted to achieve . . . trying new techniques and inventing his own methods in order to arrive at the effects that he wanted to give . . . . . with La Bottega Simbari he could create his own Graphic art . . !
This ‘technique’ he called ‘Retablo in Silkscreen’
The word “Retablo”, so Nicola told me, means ‘painting’ in old Neapolitan (or Spanish). It usually referred to a ‘painting’, often taken on the travels of a noble gentlemen, from the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, of which Naples was a major city.
He explained that he would be using the printing process to “paint his subjects, in multiples, so that they had depth and substance” – – – as if painted, rather than ‘printed’.’
Elfrida Simbari 2010