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Nicola Simbari, BALCONE A POZZUOLI, original painting

“Balcone a Pozzuoli” acrylic on canvas ©Nicola Simbari


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The world is rich with simplicity. Nicola Simbari brings out the beauty in ordinary sights rather extraordinarily with this balcony adorned with flowers. Brilliant in colors and rich in detail, every stroke brings out the life in a building worn with age. Shadows play upon the mind, reflections of the sun from above.
The deep azure off to the distance makes one dream of wafting by this scene on a river or stream somewhere in the romance of the Mediterranean.

Balcone a Pozzuoli

Nicola Simbari Original painting.
Framed and in perfect condition.
Item Overview:
Description: Signed Simbari (lower right)
Medium: acrylic on canvas, gold framed
Image size 100 x 110 cm
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
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