Nicola Simbari, CROQUET TOURNAMENT, original painting


Croquet Tournament beautifully framed original painting by Nicola Simbari



Nicola Simbari, CROQUET TOURNAMENT, Original Painting
The day is sunny and warm, an ideal time to revel in the outdoors. Intently concentrating on the game at hand, will she be victorious? We watch, transfixed on this critical moment in the sport of croquet in Nicola Simbari’s vivid painting. This slice of action lets us feel the warmth of the sun on our own faces and beckons our curiosity of what the outcome will be, leaving it entirely to our imagination, just like the colorful event tent in the background. What we think is what it is, which is why Simbari’s paintings put us in the center of the action.

This painting was purchased from Artist owned Tamar Arts gallery in 1992.
Signed by Artist.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
Image size 49 x 58 inches.