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Nicola Simbari, MARCHE AUX FLEURS, print on canvas

Marche Aux Fleurs “- – – Parisian flower market” ©SIMBARI



Nicola Simbari, MARCHE AUX FLEURS, print on canvas “…busy street markets . . .
intriguing little ‘boutiques’ . . .
the delicious aroma
of fresh breadand croissants . . .
small crowded bistros . . .” – Elfrida Simbari

For retablo in silkscreen click here

Medium: Deluxe Canvas Edition:
Image Size: 60 X 85 cm
Colours: 25
Edition: 35 plus 10 AP / 5 RP
Printer: Bottega D’Arte Simbari
Publisher: SELENE Ltd. 1983

We would like to offer you the rare choice of buying limited edition prints by one of the world’s leading artists, at an exceptional discount.

Nicola Simbari has long been Italy’s most important painter with a collectorship that has spread the world over.

Each of the prints we are offering is significant work of art in its own right and as such represents a substantial investment.

Each print has been produced by Symbari himself, using a specially developed process. This gives him complete artistic control of color and texture.

Only an approved finished print will bear Simbari’s personal Seal and a Certificate of Authenticity from the Publisher will be provided with each print.

The number of prints in each edition is limited and the plates have been destroyed and the screens defaced by artist so that no other prints on the image can be made.