Marche is the only and unique original painting of their Paris collection by Nicola Simbari.


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Nicola Simbari, MARCHE, Original Painting
A busy street with people walking by, something we see every day. Yet Nicola Simbari masterfully turns this ordinary event into something worth slowing down to appreciate. His gift for turning those things we march through every day into impeccable works of art is unmatched. Where are these people going? What are their lives like? He makes us slow down and savor those little moments in life, showing us that even in the simplicity of life, it’s brilliant and vibrant.

This unique painting was purchased from the Artist and has since been in a private collection.
Signed by Artist in right bottom corner.
Beautifully framed.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
Image size 80 x 80 cm


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