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Nicola Simbari, TIZIANA, original painting


Tiziana from “Crazy HorseĀ  Backstage” series by Nicola Simbari


Nicola Simbari “TIZIANA” – one of the best and beautiful paintings, for all the years created by Nicola Simbari. This diamond will certainly take a special place in your personal collection of art. Once upon a time, in the 80s, this painting adorned the legendary Tamar art gallery in Manhattan, owned by Elfrida and Nicola Simbari.
This painting is in perfect museum condition.
Image size : 120 x 160 cm
Acrylic on canvas.
Framed. Gold frame in like new condition.
Signed by Artist.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
Nicola Simbari @ 1984