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Antique Malachite desk organizer set

Desk writing sets, artfully made by hand from natural Ural malachite with the use of art casting from bronze – a classic interior decoration and an exquisite gift to the leader.
Decorative element is made of bronze.



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Antique Malachite desk organizer set

Desk organizer made of gemstone will decorate any office or study and emphasize your delicate, exquisite taste.

Malachite gemstone is able to open the human heart to love, and push man to the risky behavior and change. This useful gem is able to destroy the internal blocks of man and make him get rid of unnecessary acquaintances and habitual behaviors. This stone is able to regenerate a human.

Malachite is used to treat dyslexia and mental disorders, besides that the stone next to the bed is able to make sleep better and banish nightmares.

Malachite reduces the blood pressure, relieves cramps, treats arthritis, asthma, fractures, epilepsy. It reduces the probability of naupathia and vertigo. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and thyroid gland and the optic nerve and spleen. It lowers the risk of cancer, eliminates the toxins, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and nervous systems.