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Hunter Knife from Surgical Steel

Frost Cutlery hunter knife made from surgical steel is a type of knife designed for outdoor and hunting purposes, constructed using surgical-grade stainless steel.
Lenght: 14 1/2″
Blade Lenght: 9″
Blade widht max: 2″



This knife primarily designed for hunting and outdoor activities. It is a versatile tool used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for various tasks such as field dressing game, cutting ropes, preparing food, and general utility needs during camping or hiking trips.

When choosing a hunter knife or any knife for that matter, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just the type of steel used, such as blade design, handle comfort, and intended use.

“Frost Cutlery” is a knife brand that produces a wide range of knives, including hunting knives, pocket knives, tactical knives, and more. They are known for offering affordable knives with various designs and materials.


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