Bolsena – rare Nicola Simbari large original painting.




Nicola Simbari, BOLSENA, Original Painting
BOLSENA – original painting by Nicola Simbari is a shining example of shadows coming into play to tell a story. The wide-brimmed hat tells us the pair standing before us are under the sun. But that’s all it seems to give away. What are they looking at? The one in the hat looks off as if she’s noticed something, but does her companion? Thought-provoking as ever, Simbari lets us once again wonder with a brilliant whirl of mystique in this captivating work of art.

Image size 140 x 150 cm
Framed and in perfect condition.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.

Our asking price is only $13900, please make your offer now!
We are  original owners and got this painting  directly from the Artist.

We will be more then happy to answer any question you may have.


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