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Nicola Simbari, LILI PARAMOUNT, original painting

Nicola Simbari original painting. Nude series.


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Nicola Simbari “LILI PARAMOUNT”
She’s the kind of woman that can get anything she wants just by looking at you a certain way. That suggestive stare is an iconic example of how Nicola Simbari brings his Nude Collection to life.
Stunning curves, alluring and feminine, and full of mystique. It almost feels forbidden as she smokes, painted by the dimness and contrasting bright pops of light that make nighttime the most resplendent time for whirlwind seductions, the kind that energizes to the touch.

Modern art.
Nicola Simbari Lili Paramount

Framed and in perfect condition.
Item Overview:
Signed Simbari
Medium: acrylic on canvas,  framed
Image size: Diameter 120 cm
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
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