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Nicola Simbari, SOLE, original painting

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Nicola Simbari, SOLE, original painting
The way the light catches her hair. The way the surrounding world brightens at the hint of a smile. Nicola Simbari is an absolute master of turning brushstrokes into compelling images of real people, bringing out their stunning beauty and charm. With warm colors, our hearts are filled with ease as we look at the woman sitting here. Her inviting features and the use of warm colors bring out a carefree feeling, the kind you get while basking in the sunshine on a perfect day, which is why this will make a fantastic accentuation to any room.

Oil on paper
Image size: 70 x 100 cm Framed, Signed by Artist
Original Certificate of Authenticity included

1 review for Nicola Simbari, SOLE, original painting

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    Nice painting

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