Porcelain clowns collection



I have a large collection of porcelain clowns.
There are 19 pieces in total. For many years, these clowns were a set. When I decided to sell them separately, it even seemed to me that those clowns were looking at me with reproach.
So I decided to sell them altogether.
This can be the best Christmas present for you or for your loved one.
Will you perhaps decide to give this as a gift to your boss or a friend?
Or will you just keep them home and put them on the shelf in your bedroom or living room?
These clowns will protect you and bring you hundreds of beautiful dreams about your childhood, when trees seemed so large, when you barely reached the doorbell in your old parents house and when there was such great and warm happiness, like the sun.
If you buy this set of clowns, you will once again meet those you have loved and become that happy child that you were, even if it is in a dream.
The biggest clowns are about 12 inches tall.
the smallest 4 inches.
The kit contains 2 large whistler clowns, several clockwork clowns.
All clowns are in excellent condition and will be specially packaged for shipping.
Make your choice and you will not regret it.


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