Brahma Bull large size framed original painting by Nicola Simbari

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Nicola Simbari “BRAHMA BULL”
A superb machine, finely tuned and ready to launch with a hair-like trigger. It storms off in a fit of rage, target in sight, ready to win this war on territory. Nicola Simbari brings an artful mastery of the bull in an antagonized state, charging off to make its impact.
Those first steps are a thing of beauty as well as fear, something we’d never dare get close enough to but are lucky enough with this painting to be tossed into the thick of it for a glimpse of the mighty bull and all its strength rippling beneath as it streaks across the plains.

Rare Nicola Simbari original painting
The appraisal value was $45000. We are the original owner and got it directly from the Artist.
Framed and in perfect condition.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.
We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. It will be well packed and insured for shipping.
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