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Nicola Simbari, NAVAHO GIRLS, original painting

“Navaho Girls” – – – this incredible painting ‘speaks’ to me of a “Love that passeth all understanding” . . . ‘Ruth and Naomi’ . . . of a wonderful, profound friendship and trust . . . a masterpiece!


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Those intimate moments in life are some of the most spectacular. Seemingly ordinary, yet fueled by the brilliance of trust and friendship, an exceptional snapshot of life. A common bond shared with the simplest act, Nicola Simbari captures it with warmth and heart.
Rich strokes upon canvas that bring together this exemplary painting. From Simbari’s Southwest Collection, these beautiful Indian women share the same bonds of every woman, sisterhood at its finest, in a simple gracious act.
Image size : 140 x 140 cm
Acrylic on canvas.
Framed. Gold frame in like new condition.
Signed by Artist.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.


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