Tia Mais extra large Nicola Simbari original painting

This painting is in perfect museum condition.


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Nicola Simbari “TIA MAIS”
Strength and character, Native American traits that are etched onto their faces. An inner warmth exudes in the sunset-sky, drenching the world in reds and purples as the fire in the sky grows and wanes, casting its final bath over the region.
Nicola Simbari’s exquisite depiction of Native American women in the Southwest Collection is an elegant embrace of how women of ethnicity rise above the challenges of the world and the ability to take the gifts one has to turn them into victory.

Tia Mais extra-large Nicola Simbari original painting.
“This beautiful painting, from Nicola’s “Southwest Collection”, in the late ’80s, reminds me of The Women of Southern Italy when I first went to visit his remarkable Grandmother – -what strength and character !! . . . and LOVE . . .”
Elfrida Simbari 2010

Acrylic on canvas
Size 160 x 130 cm
Signed by Artist.
Original Certificate of Authenticity included.


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